Priyanka Chopra’s memoir reveals unknown secrets

Priyanka Chopra’s memoir ‘Unfinished’ reveals the unknown secrets of her life. The name is fitting as she is nowhere finished taking the world by storm. Born in India, she grew up in both the US and India. Exposed to two cultures while growing up, her life is filled with rich experiences. And undoubtedly, a peek into a celebrity’s life is always an eye-opener. Even though she has refrained from mentioning any names, she’s been very candid about her experiences. She certainly has thrown light on previously rumored dark corners of Bollywood.

Who is Priyanka Chopra?

Born to two doctors in India, she wanted to do aeronautical engineering in Australia. Her brother playfully pushed her to enter the miss world contest when she was 17. He did it so that he could have her room after she got out of the house. But She went on to win the miss world title in 2000. Now she is an actress on two continents, a prominent Producer, UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and a role model to women worldwide. She is married to the American celebrity, Nick Jonas.

The revealed secrets in her memoir are:

  1. How did the name ‘plastic Chopra’ stick?

The year after she had won the Miss World title, she found a polyp in her nose that needed to be removed. A doctor, trying to shave off a polyp in her mucous membrane, shaved off the bridge of her nose too. It took many more corrective surgeries to look the way she does now. But the surgeries were unintentional and definitely were not for cosmetic purposes. Yet, the botched nose surgery earned her the name ‘Plastic Chopra’.

  1. She was treated like a sex object:

During her initial days as an actress in Bollywood, she had to be wary of certain directors. Before the shooting of a song sequence, her director wanted to talk to her stylist. He instructed her stylist to dress her in a way her underwear would be visible.

His exact words were, “If her underwear isn’t visible, why else would people watch the movie?”. Like any self-respecting woman, she quit the movie.

  1. Body image issues:

Though she won the miss world title, some Bollywood directors shoved body image issues down her throat. A director once asked her to stand up and twirl for him. He scrutinized her for a long time. Then, he declared that she should get a boob job and fix her jaw. This incident left her stunned and made her question her choice of becoming an actress.

  1. She was a nepotism victim of the Bollywood industry:

Bollywood is rumored to be the breeding ground of nepotism. Her non-filmy background made her an outsider. She had to continually prove to the family-owned production companies that she deserved to be cast in their movie. Still, she heard them discussing how they were the reason she was in that movie, and they could easily take that opportunity away from her.

  1. She is against colorism:

Fair skin is India’s biggest obsession. It is the worst in the entertainment industry. On several occasions, she had her self-esteem crushed by hurtful comments she received on her dark skin. After being a victim herself, she regrets starring in fairness cream ads. Now, she doesn’t promote fairness products.

  1. Boyfriend in her closet:

Like most Indians, her family didn’t allow her to date. One fine afternoon, her aunt came home sooner than expected. Priyanka had been lounging on the couch with her boyfriend. On seeing her aunt outside the window, she shoved her boyfriend in the closet. But to her dismay, her aunt found out anyway. Dating culture is not prevalent in India. But, when Priyanka was a teenager, her admirers trespassed on her parents’ property all the time. Hence, her father put up iron bars on all the windows.

  1. Not afraid of being herself:

She might have married an American celebrity. But she doesn’t shy away from her roots either. Before moving into their new home, she performed a Griha -Pravesh. Griha-Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony that blesses the residence with luck and prosperity.

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