TikTok Silhouette Challenge and Issues of Privacy

Tik Tok Silhouette challenge

What is the TikTok Silhouette Challenge?

It began as a viral TikTok challenge. The premise is rather simple.

Using a remix of “Put your head on my shoulder,” by Paul Anka and converting Snapchat filters the users begin the video fully clothed. As the beat drops for the song the image changes. The user is shrouded by a red filter and they are naked. No actual nudity can be seen. This was a source of titillation for some and a source of empowerment for the men and women using the challenge. It accentuated their bodies while still keeping it completely confidential.

An expressive but also private way to display sexuality and also to embrace body type. Thus the TikTok Silhouette Challenge became very popular.

How it was reversed

It wasn’t long before people began to figure out how to reverse the filter. Thus revealing what the original image would’ve looked like. Immediate privacy concerns were sparked.

Whereas the original challenge contains no viewable nudity they could be reversed to show the full naked bodies. This comes to the forefront of conversations regarding privacy and exposure. Before long Youtube tutorials began popping up on how to reverse the image yourself. This quickly and effectively killed the trend. 

What to do next?

The major conflict is ‘once it’s out there it’s out there.’

The internet is a dangerous place for someone to post their body. There is no solace and almost no sympathy for those whose nudes get leaked. The only advice that someone can give is to be cautious and careful. But with so much of someone’s life happening digitally it’s difficult to know. Some people become very successful because of the images they post while others are the victims of revenge porn. Some can even lose their jobs. As we move into a more digitally accentuated it is up to the individual to not share imagery without the consent of the owner.

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