Biba Singh Doctor and Singer

Women’s History Month highlights the contributions of women to events in history. It is an annual declared month. For this Women’s history month, we want to acknowledge all the wonderful women who are part of the community and giving their best to nourish their families and career. Appreciate yourself and keep in mind, no one else can do better than you. Feel proud of yourself and be confident in whatever you are doing. All professions are great; even those who are homemakers trust me, fulfilling all the family’s demands is not easy.

On the first day of Women’s History Month, We are so excited to feature Biba Singh as our featured Desi girl of the week. She shared her story of how she turned from a physician to a pop star.

Biba Singh is born and raised in America and living her own American dream. She is a certified doctor in New York; she pursued both MBBS and MD. Juggling two careers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Obviously, it is not easy at all attending patients and then keeping in touch with music’s passion.

Biba Singh Doctor and Singer

Doctor and musician are totally different fields. When the audience realizes Biba Singh is a doctor in the real world, it’s difficult to believe at first. Most of the women are struggling to balance career and personal life. Because in society, women are responsible for fulfilling household demands, and some women step out of their comfort zone and focus on their careers.

So, the very 1st question that comes to our mind is how she can manage two careers. And both the careers don’t have any connection. How do you balance it all?

Biba Singh has loved music since she was a child. She says because of her mother’s encouragement, music developed into a passion. She is also dedicated to helping people, so though it seems surreal to balance the two, I love what I do in both realms.

What are her inspirations?

In terms of inspiration, she says many people inspired her. She believes it was fortunate that friends like Daler Mahendi and Mika Singh encouraging her to follow her dreams. She also grew up listening to their music.

I love Richa Sharma and Jaspinder Narula. As you can hear in my music, I dabble in everything from Sufi, EDM, pop to Punjabi. My love of music is what inspires me.

What is your idea of a Desi Girl?

Biba Singh throws light on the boundaries we face to achieve our dreams. She shared the same issue which all women face in their life. Specially we face the dilemma of taking care of family or following our dream.

A Desi girl is anyone who follows her passion. We struggle with cultural preconceived notions that dictate finish your education, get married, have kids. I think we women can do that and still do anything else we want to.
A Desi girl is one who respects and values her culture, and empowers herself, and grows keeping her roots in mind.

New Music coming soon

For 2021 we have multiple tracks that will be released, including the following:

1. Single with the legend Malkit Singh, RDB Manj, Satinder Kahlon, and ME
2. Single with the legend Jasbir Jassi (dil legi Kuri Gujrat di) and ME
3. A few tracks for Bollywood and film.

Of note is that now I also have my own TV SHOW called “Rhythm Of Healing” on Jus Broadcasting, which is shown on Verizon FiOS/dish/ and all major networks. This show talks about music/medicine/mind, the soul, and much more!

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