Inspiring others with Dr Sweta Chawla

How many people out there want to change their life, but afraid of making these changes? Are they waiting for someone to tell them what they should do? A leadership coach Dr. Sweta Chawla, this week’s Featured Desi Girl, inspires others to change. She is such an inspiring Desi Girl whose words will help you ease your mind. Dr. Sweta Chawla believes that you are the creator of your life. And it just comes with a choice in every moment. You have that power within you to make a new choice. It doesn’t have to be significant dramatic changes in your life. And the change doesn’t come from the outside, but it comes within you. So take a chance on yourself.

Inspiring others with Dr. Sweta Chawla

Dr. Sweta Chawla is a Life and Leadership Coach. She was a professor of pharmacy and a director of clinical programs and residency. And in 2011, She gave birth to her son, and he was born prematurely. That’s when she started to think about her life. Is this the life that I want to live? Her son has been just two pounds, nine ounces, when he was born. And she always says that

He was so small, but he gave me life, because he was here to show me that I was living small. And that just had me start to really think about what is my true calling and purpose in this world. That’s how I went on my inner journey, and I started getting coaching and from coaching, a whole new world opened up for me.

Inspiring others with Dr Sweta Chawla

There are many reasons for holding back. It can be how society, upbringing, or the belief that they have to share are not going to be accepted, or it’s not valuable. They lack confidence. And it’s heartbreaking for me because I can see so much beauty in them. And I can also see how our world needs their gifts and needs them to be themselves.

The journey from the Pharmacy to Leadership Coach

When you start to dig deeper and ask more profound questions, you begin to see your whole life. She realized through coaching that being a coach is something that she has done her entire life. She didn’t know that. And She was a teacher in her previous life. So encouraging people and helping them to fulfill their potential has always been a part of her work. But she didn’t know that she could make a living or get paid to bring this into the world in a more holistic way. She is guiding people to look at their life more thoroughly in a whole way.

Inspiring others with Dr Sweta Chawla

The goal as Leadership Coach

Dr. Sweta’s goal is to help people to feel loved and accepted and celebrated for who they are. A big part of her work is to help people become a creator of their life; many of us have had lots of hard things happen to us. We can sometimes believe that that’s what life is about. And we lose that part inside of us that wants to, or that can create something new to create from nothing. The mission is to help make that more accessible for people to guide them and support them through the transformation.

Attribute to get success

Everybody has a unique path for them. Dr. Sweta Chawla experienced that due to the lack of self-connection, individuals couldn’t find the right map for their life.

It’s really important to look at your life experiences and see what lights you up. What kind of environments Do you thrive in? How do you like to process? What are your rhythms? Nobody asks us these questions, right?

Most of the time, we’re given advice or being told what to do. Numerous people are giving you instructions on your life decisions. And she believes that life is so deeply connected to yourself and to be a creator. In her opinion, that’s what’s missing? All of our answers are within. There’s not a lot of communities around supporting people to be a creator.

How to manage Fear?

Dr. Sweta Chawla shares her experience,

“When people come to me, and they say they lack confidence. It’s because they’re holding on to past experiences.”

One of the things that we do is we perform; we try to achieve an outcome so that people like us. To show them that we are successful. But Do you really get the best results when it is presented?

Most experiences are dynamic, and you can never repeat the same experience. What we crave? We crave certainty that it will feel as good as it had in the past, especially if you’re dealing with relationships. People are so dynamic. Everything comes back to self-connection; the way you become confident is being connected to yourself. And the way you get connected to yourself is to put attention on yourself.

How to Make a Change?

When we’re creating something new, we need to give ourselves the space and permission to experiment. If we’re putting pressure that it needs to make money or that it needs to be successful, then that’s a surefire way not to feel good. And if you’re making a change, I’m guessing it’s because you want to feel better in your life. Right?

Surround yourself with other people who have made this change or who are making this change. Because, as she said, isolation is the surefire way to make you feel bad about yourself. So that’s the main thing that she says to start with baby steps. Allow yourself to experiment and have a community with you that supports you.


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