Mindy Kaling adapts the novel “Gold diggers” for TV


Mindy Kaling’s banner Kaling International will adapt the novel ‘Gold diggers’ by Sanjena Sathian for TV. Also, Sanjena Sathian will co-write the adaptation. And Kaling is set to executive produce the adaptation alongside Howard Klein of 3 Arts.

Who is Mindy Kaling?

Mindy Kaling

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Mindy Kaling is an actress, writer, director, producer, and comedian. Her parents immigrated from India to the US. Mindy was born in Massachusetts.

She first gained recognition when she acted in the NBC sitcom ‘Office’. On top of that, she also wrote, directed, and produced the series. Soon, her talents gained recognition in several other projects and she rightfully gained celebrity status. She is currently ready to launch the second season of the Netflix series ‘Never have I ever‘. She is the co-writer and co-producer of this popular coming of age drama.

Who is Sanjena Sathian?


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Sanjena Sathian was brought up by Indian immigrant parents in Atlanta. She was previously a journalist in both Mumbai, India, and San Francisco.  Also, she has taught creative writing in schools and colleges all around the world. Several publishing companies competed for her novel ‘Gold diggers.’ But Penguin press was the winner. On their heels, Kaling International purchased the license to adapt it to TV.

Sathian knows the ins and outs of Indian immigrant families as she belongs to one herself. Hence, She has accurately portrayed how being an Indian in the US is like. The drive to be studious and excel in academics forms the backbone of her novel.

The ‘Gold diggers’ storyline:

In a seven-way auction, Penguin press won her book to publish. The story is about Indian immigrants in the US chasing the American dream. Burdened by culture and desperate to succeed in the new world, ambitious teenagers get involved in a Gold heist. It is part satire, part immigrant life portrayal, and part life lesson. As a matter of fact, famous creative minds have praised this book immensely. Not to mention, the novel is one of Goodreads’ 2021 most anticipated debuts. ‘Gold Diggers’ is to hit the bookshops by April 2021.

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