The Great Indian Kitchen – A Reflection Of Society

We know most cultures are male dominant including our South Asian community. And that’s where Desi Girl Magazine is encouraging women to stand up for themselves. We all have our dreams, but most of us never put our dreams on the priority list and they always fall in last after our responsibilities. The Great Indian Kitchen is a Malayalam movie that shows a reflection of our society.

Insight Into Indian Patriarchal Society

The Great Indian Kitchen

Still From The Great Indian Kitchen


I will start with a very old saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through its stomach”. But have we wondered about a woman’s heart? Today we are going to talk about an Indian Malayalam film written and directed by Jeo Baby. The Great India Kitchen commences with Nimisha dancing with delight. Nimisha is playing the character of a submissive wife. Soon she gets married to a school teacher (Suraj Venjaramoodu) from a renowned and conservative family. As the new bride becomes a wife and sets in for the daily routine, her work and sacrifice have been taken for granted.

An Eye Opener

The movie is an eye-opener in the time when women are still judged by their cooking and household skills. The movie throws light on various aspects of the life of women in the family. It focuses on the arranged marriage and how a woman has to assimilate, understand and contribute concerning the family and its custom and traditions.

Intrinsic Misogyny Sanctioned By Religion and Tradition

The Great Indian Kitchen

Source: The Great Indian Kitchen movie


The film tries to talk about the regressive customs that still prevail in the country and what is expected of women in the household in the patriarchal setup. The women are considered more of a caretaker rather than a better half. It also talks about the independence and individuality of human beings beyond gender.

Saga Of Every Women

The Great Indian Kitchen.

Source: The Great Indian Kitchen movie


The Film takes a brave step forward on the regressive notions of impurity associated with mensuration and places them firmly in the context of India’s Supreme Court verdict on women’s entry into Sabarimala. The film communicates the plight of the women, which we have seen in our own house and scuffed it is not a big deal. It also reflects what is clearly a privileged three-course meal in a house. But what goes into providing that perfect meal is often overlooked. But we barely understand what goes into the upkeep of a home on a daily basis.

Bleed In Sexism

The Great India Kitchen

Source: The Great Indian Kitchen movie


This film also made me remind of my mother, Aunts, Grand – Mother, and every other woman I know.  These women’s role in the family dynamic has been undermined. They deal with a lack of respect and bleed in sexism that is thrown at them.  The movie has been set around the newly married and Suraj is playing the character of a man who is a product of his upbringing. He is made to believe all his life that men are supposed to work and provide monetary while women have to bear children and provide for the family.

Birth Of The Modern, Independent, And Confident Women

The Great Indian Kitchen

Source: The Great Indian Kitchen movie


Summing up the whole instance, The Great Indian Kitchen is a powerful film and reminds us how Indian women have to take so many births and yet men knowingly refuse it. The film ends showing her as an independent dance teacher choreographing beautiful dance and enjoying it. We can see a confident and bold woman while her husband got married again and the second wife seems to meet the same fate as the first one. This movie not only talks about the new generation of women who raise their voice against such disregarded captivity but also a tribute to women who have been quietly managing for centuries.



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