Breaking Barriers With Neha

I got an opportunity to speak with a beautiful and amazing girl, recently: Neha. Neha is a video creator, born in Gujarat and raised in Mumbai.  Her outgoing and lively personality has been the biggest initiative in video creation. She works as an accountant and used to create these fascinating videos as her hobby. But soon the popularity of her videos turned her favorite hobby into serious video creation. Hop on the journey of “breaking barriers with Neha.”

Journey Of Hobby To Career

Breaking Barrier with Neha


Neha’s office is about 45 minutes from her home. Like many office goers, she commutes by bus. Sometimes the best ideas are generated while doing our daily chores or challenges. Similarly, Neha started making videos while traveling on a bus. But while making these videos she never ever thought that she would get famous. She always liked acting and dancing; thus when Tik-Tok came along, she started making videos with it. With her job, and responsibilities at home, she didn’t have enough time to dedicate to her hobby. Her bus commute was the only time she got for herself. She always liked watching herself on the screen. This way she came up with a unique idea for video creation. Thus, most of her videos are on the bus. Neha truly believes that “If you decide to do something you like and want, you will for sure do it under any circumstances”.

Neha’s Opinion On #LogKyaKaheyeinge

Location was never a concern for Neha. She made videos at any place any time she had a chance. It was never planned. Sometimes she created a video while waiting  on the bus queue. So I asked her whether it bothered her when people watching commented negatively and her opinion about Log Kya Kaheyeinge (“What will people say?”). She answered that never thought about people watching her. She always focused on her work, rather than thinking about people’s opinions about her.

Facing The Challenges

Breaking barrier with Neha


Like many others, she faced many challenges. When she started making the videos; a lot of people said bad things about her. Some said she is an “irritating and crazy” woman. FAt the time, comments such as the aforementioned one haunted her and upset her. But, she kept on pursuing her dream. Her life motto is to keep the negativity away from her. Thus, she stopped fretting about people’s negative opinions. She always stayed focused on her work and the positive comments that people gave her. Many of the people said that they were inspired by her. This is very true, and the reason we wanted this inspiring story to reach everyone.

She also faced opposition from her family members. They at first, did not like her making videos. But she was able to make them understand that video creation is her passion. And her videos are for family watching. Somehow, she was triumphant in convincing her family. She shared with us that her life is not that easy as it looks in her videos. She has her own problems and struggles.

“If I am not able to keep myself happy, then I will not be able to keep others happy.” – NEHA UPADHYAY

Message to All The Desi Girls

As a woman, she herself faced many challenges. In her words “Some people think that women look good in the house only, not outside”.  But she fought back saying that she is doing what she loves and not doing anything wrong. Neha mentioned that she will be very happy if she is able to inspire any girl if they are able to overcome their shyness, doubts  and challenges. Inspiring women all around the world will bring her inner satisfaction . Neha is a single mom, but still overcame so many problems and made her dream turn into reality. Our mission is to bring such inspiring stories of amazing and wonderful people. “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class”.

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  • Vinita Jasmine
    6 months ago Reply

    Good know your making know about women’s life and what we face in life. All the best.

    • सतीश अनमोल
      4 months ago Reply

      बोहोत अच्छा सफर है जिंदगी जीने का

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