4 reasons Weight loss is harder for Women

Weight loss is harder for women compared to men. Have you ever wondered why? Weight loss is always an uphill battle. Even when you reach the summit, there’s always another mountain, or sometimes, the same mountain to climb again. But understanding our body could make the weight loss journey easier- like a water bottle on a hike. So let’s dive into why weight loss is harder for women.

Strength training for weight loss:

Women tend to have less lean muscle tissue, while muscles are men’s secret weapons. After all, muscles are the engines that burn more calories even when you are at rest. Most women shy away from lifting heavy weights for fear of bulking up and hence prefer cardio. But they tend to forget that less muscle mass means more hardship in the wellness journey. Resistance training could help in sustained weight loss. Building muscle mass through resistance training helps not only lose weight but also keep it off.


Hormonal health:

Pregnancy, Menopause, and PCOS wreak havoc on women’s bodies. These hormonal imbalances in the body make it harder for women to lose weight. To keep hormonal health in check, women need to adopt clean eating habits and permanent lifestyle changes. For women, it’s better to focus on long-term weight loss goals than falling for fad diets promising quick results.


Calorie intake for weight loss:

Men naturally have a higher rate of metabolism. So, the daily calorie requirement for women is much lower than men to perform the same everyday functions. So obviously, unnecessarily eating the same portion as men, out of habit or courtesy, would lead to excess calorie intake. This practice will make losing weight harder for women.


Post-workout binge-eating:

A STUDY IN 2009 found that the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ tends to rise in women’s bodies after physical activity. This phenomenon didn’t occur in men. Comparatively, this factor is within women’s control. We only need to train our minds. Wait until the feeling of hunger passes away, or try drinking water to feel full. If the feeling of hunger persists, keep at hand healthy snacks like carrots, cucumbers, or nuts and seeds.


Comparisons on any aspect of life are detrimental to mental and physical health. Especially comparing weight loss with the male gender, which has a natural advantage, is unfair. So instead of aiming for sexy and size zero, make it your goal to become stronger and healthier. This aim would lead to a more fulfilling life.

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