An Artistic Insight Of Mandalas With Saudamini

The word Mandala is derived from the root Manda, which means essence, energy, or spirit, and by adding the suffix la to any Sanskrit word, it becomes the container or vessel for it; thus revealing the Mandala as a container for essence, energy or spirit.”

This time I got an opportunity to have a conversation with a beautiful, confident, and astonishing Artist Saudamini Madra. She took me into a spiritual journey of Mandala Art. I was so much captivated by the charm of her artwork. Based in Los Angles and born and brought up in India, Saudamini was always involved in art since she was very young. She was always artistic and eternally leaned towards art. Her parents have always supported her throughout her journey. Art had always been her favorite hobby throughout school but it was in the college where she went to study fine arts which opened her world to different art forms. Before college art was just a form of a hobby, but it was college where she discovered different art mediums and, started learning about technicalities and different perspectives. But she did not go to have an art career. Actually, she went to a fashion school after that and had a flourishing corporate career in fashion and apparel for about 16 years. It was in 2020 when she started pursuing art full-time.

“Art has always been a part of my life. Like, I can’t imagine a time where art was not a part of my life.”

Beauty Of Inspiration

Artistic Journey


Her subtle expression on being asked what was her inspiration behind the artwork was simply divine. She expressed when she started growing that’s when she started understanding the meaning of inspiration. For her, there has never been a single source of inspiration. It’s been different people, different sources, and just different elements at different points of time when she has done different art forms. She explains when we speak about inspiration or a concept, sometimes it strikes you in the most inopportune moment or, in the most random of times, it just hits you. 

Saudamini’s parents have always been behind her, supporting and encouraging her. Especially her mom has been her biggest cheerleader, motivating and inspiring her. Her parent’s house walls are all full of Saudamini’s artwork. So it’s awesome and inspiring for her and motivates her to keep ongoing.


Myriad Possibility Of Mandla

Artistic Journey


Saudamini has a specific style when we look at her artwork. When asked about why she has chosen Mandala, she told actually Mandla happened totally by accident. When she started exploring different mediums and colors while studying in a fine arts college, that’s when she started developing an affinity for black and white. So it was in 2017 while scrolling on social media she had a chance to see some mandalas. It was at that time something changed that day and made her drawn towards the Mandala designs and felt that she has to try. 

She got a piece of paper, a pencil, and a pen and started working on the design. She had no idea that there is a concept of creating a grid or using tools like a compass or a protractor. So just sitting right there at her desk, she started doodling and that’s how her first Mandala was created. Later she found out that, one can actually draw a grid and it will be much easier to create a mandala and add your patterns. Slowly, she found the way, to draw the grid, and then she started creating her exquisite pieces. And that’s how her journey began. And since then she has not looked back. Ever since she was mesmerized, and still in a deep love for Mandalas.  

Favorite Part Of Creating Artwork

There is a famous English proverb that says that “Hard work beats talent”. No amount of talent can take to the ladders of success if you grind yourself really hard to reach the top. Every day is a new day that brings with it its own different set of challenges and to pursue your dreams, your need to overcome these challenges. Saudamini proves the above proverb right.  When asked what is her best and favorite part in creating the artwork was very pure and elegant. Her favorite part is the calming and the therapeutic effect that it has on her. So she personally, learned that just creating something, whether it’s just a doodle, or, just scribbling something on paper even, she feels being connected with art. Whenever she feels any kind of stress or anxiety or sadness, she always turns to art. Sitting just for a couple of hours and, just doodle something, staying connected with her pen and paper. It definitely feels positive and she comes out feeling more uplifted. That is definitely her favorite part.

Advice To All

Her biggest advice was, follow your dreams. She tells us there’s peer pressure, parental pressure, but at the end of the day, this is your life, it’s going to be your career. That’s how you have to be in every single day for many, many years. When we are starting out, it’s hard to think, about, how long it’s going to be. So it’s very important to do something that one loves. So it’s very important to follow your dreams. If you fail, then you know, you can change the course and find a new dream. But at least you have to give it a try. And being original is important in today’s saturated world of social media. It’s so important to be original in whatever you’re doing of any kind. It doesn’t even mean the need to be something on social media. But just in life, in order to stand out in a crowd and to make your own mark. And you must be original try to think outside of the box. So Saudamini thinks that those two things are very important. And if you want to be an artist, then you know there’s, there’s no good time, there’s no bad time to start. One should start exploring. Just doodle on the side. Even if you’re in a different career, you’re a student, just whenever you get some time, doodle. There are three P’s is which Saudamini preaches. Practice, perseverance and patience, and it will always come in handy. No matter what kind of career you’re in or the life situation you’re in. It always changes.

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