Dear Diary: 5 reasons to write to yourself every day

Writing in a diary is like hanging out with yourself. Have you ever been frustrated with work and wanted to do something else but didn’t know what to do? Or have you ever hated being alone, bored, and didn’t feel like doing anything? That’s when you should write to yourself. You don’t need to be a great writer to maintain a diary. With every day of journaling, you’ll find the words flow more easily on the pages. But why write at all? Remember when our elders asked us to practice writing our lessons to better remember them? By writing in a diary, you record what you felt, analyzed, and understood. A few ways how this magical practice might help you are:

Maintaining a Diary is an act of self-love and self-care:

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally messed something up and chided yourself, “You are such an idiot”? The first thing we need to ask ourselves is whether we would talk to a friend like that. Psychologists have talked about the benefits of self-affirmations for ages. The kind of words we utter to ourselves play a crucial role in building our morale. Writing in a diary every day helps us love ourselves more through kind and self-affirming conversations with ourselves.

1. A diary is a spa for your brain:

Imagine yourself soaking in the warm waters of a jacuzzi while your muscles relax, and you come out feeling rejuvenated. That’s how writing in a diary feels like. The dams break, and creative juices start flowing. A diary helps take a step back from your mundane daily routine and come back stronger and more productive at work.

2. A diary helps you live stress-free:

Writing in a diary regularly is like conducting an audit of your emotions. In a journal, you analyze how you handle situations and suggest how to handle them better. This self-reflection is a kind of meditation. Because when life throws curveballs at you, you’ll know how to remain calm and composed. Because you’ll always know how to react in any situation. You’ll soon be asking, ‘Stress? What Stress?’

3. A diary is a memory booster:

One fine morning, you sit in the garden, sipping your tea. And voila! Suddenly You understand the meaning behind your friend’s words from the day before. Of course, She didn’t mean what she said at all! After all, She meant the exact opposite. That’s what happens when your subconscious memory is awake. We live through life, taking everything at its face value. But while journaling, You realize the hidden meanings behind facial expressions, words, and actions. Don’t be surprised when you find a detective or psychiatrist within yourself.

4. A diary brings out the best version of yourself:

Have you ever burst out in anger or grief only to later wonder where it came from? We bury the hurtful traumas and the negative traits we were taught as children in our subconscious memory. They are invisible but yet festering. A diary acts as a therapist and brings up the problematic emotions we possess but prefer to sweep under the rug. But dealing with them one by one can help us reevaluate our actions and reactions. Soon, you’ll notice your improved quality of life.

5. A diary organizes your life:

When you reflect on your short-term and long-term goals, you’ll realize what you should do to achieve them. When you decide upon the things you must do, Pre-planning in your diary will keep you organized. So, without feeling burnt out, you’ll be left with plenty of time and energy to pursue your hobbies or spend time with loved ones.

Writing a diary could be the best gift you could give yourself. It is something everyone must try.

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