Get healthy at any Age with Preeti Gandhi

We often see people associate age with things they can do, but it’s not true. Especially in South Asian culture, where you try to do something new like study, workout, or gym, they think it’s too late after 35 or 40 years. Today’s guest is a perfect example for breaking such stigma and showing that you can get healthy at any age. Preeti Gandhi is a full-time working mom and Entrepreneur. Let’s know how she breaks the stigma and puts her health as a priority in her life.

Preeti Gandhi working mom and Entrepreneur.

Preeti works as a senior product manager for a video shopping network company. Besides her full-time job, she is a wellness business mentor and mindset coach.

Fitness is my second baby, which I like to call because I’m totally passionate about fitness and nutrition. And my mission started really with my journey. I started this journey to get fit to lose weight because I had turned 40, and nobody tells you that when you turn 40 how your body changes. I have gone through my weight loss weight gain journey after having babies, you know, the postpartum journey where you’re trying to lose weight because both my kids were like good 10-pound babies. So I put on like 50 pounds with both my babies.

So losing that baby fat takes time, and each mom has their own challenges. But she was going to the gym, trying to eat a certain way, and when you’re younger, you can lose weight much faster. As you get older, it gets even more challenging even though you have lost all that weight. You’re still gonna put it back on with age and just how your body changes. So for Preeti she had to find a sustainable way to stick with this.

Journey to become a health coach

I think the biggest fear women have is what if I don’t sustain it, then people are gonna laugh at me, they’re gonna make fun of me. You know, and that was my fear, too. When my coach told me that, typically, I think you should be a health coach.

Because our coaching system works, we do our programs through Beachbody, and Beachbody has like workouts and the nutrition, everything figured out for you. All you have to do is invite other people to it. So the way I did it, I was like, it’s so easy and doable by anybody. Why am I not talking about it? The number one hesitation for me is that I haven’t seen more Indian women of my age in this field. I usually like the younger generation, their 20s or early 30s, showing off like a rock-solid body. I’m like, I still have roles, I still do not have that perfect body.

How mindset plays a role

When Preeti started her journey, the first four months were great. She was 100% dedicated to her nutrition, workouts, water. Everything was done right.

I lost a ton of weight, dropped three dress sizes, looked fit, but I wasn’t happy from the inside.

So generally people think, you’re going to lose weight, reducing the size and you’re going to be happy. But the most significant thing people don’t realize is it’s the mindset. Are you happy? You know, you can be a size 10 and be happy you can be a size zero and be unhappy. How do you sleep? Yeah, it is a big part of it. So that’s why I have myself labeled as mindset because I focus on that a lot. And that came to me through coaching because that was one of the main things of being a Beachbody coach.


You have to do personal development every day.

I read a book that helped me personally develop. The second thing I do is practice gratitude, which again plays a huge part in your mindset. And then third is like affirmations. And you know, just visualizing what you want in life. So you could be any size, but if your mindset is incorrect, you’re never happy with your results. You just never will be.

Basic steps to get healthy

Preeti shares her own experience of how she started with her own journey to becoming healthy. She recommends always start with water. Before you touch anything to your mouth, make sure you’re drinking a glass of water.

The reason being, we confuse dehydration with hunger, many times like that is a given. So drink a glass of water before anything touches you about how you plate your food. And I’ve seen this across the board. So many people talk about it. But for weight loss, half your plate should be vegetables. So always look at it this way half your plate is vegetables. 1/4 is a carb, and then 1/4 is your protein.

Preeti says many people come with that mindset, like,

hey, do I have to give up roti? Do I have to give up rice? Do I have to give up something to live this lifestyle? And I say no. If you have to give up something that you love, you’re never going to stick with it.

If you do something consistently, you get it, and it becomes your nature. The more you repeat, like it takes 21 days to build a habit, it takes 12 weeks to make it a lifestyle and for others to see. It is just a month to get you started and warmed up. It takes at least three to four months to make it a lifestyle. Nothing is impossible to achieve. You just need to be focused and consistent.

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