Desi Girl Magazine’s Story

Desi Girl Magazine was founded by Sazia Hasib in the New York City area in 2007 as a print magazine. The magazine generated a lot of traction and interest leading to its distribution to readers in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Florida. An archive of our old print publications can be found here. In 2021 the team decided to leave the print behind and transfer over to an online model!

Desi Girl’s Mission

Our mission is to celebrate all things Desi Girl. Desi Girl Magazine is here to create a safe space for discourse, understanding, learning, and kinship. We are here to inform and also create a medium where other Desi girls can feel heard and identify with the representation. We write to inspire others and to prove that a Desi girl can do anything!

When the DG team was trying to come up with an image to use as our logo we had a hard time deciding on a single image of a desi girl that could represent us all. We realized this obstacle was also our greatest strength.

Desi Girl’s show beauty in our diversity!

Today, and everyday, we work on displaying this by featuring strong, diverse, inspiring Desi girls. This can be seen in our “Featured Desi Girl” article category. We also try to create a place for discussion and sharing through our Forum. Please feel free to check these out. And if our story inspires you in anyway, you can always help us out by subscribing to our Premium Newsletter for $4.99 a month. We greatly appreciate it!

If you would like to privately contact Desi Girl Magazine with a business opportunity or some other message for our staff please fill out our contact form found here.

Thank you!