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Sazia Hasib


Bio coming soon!




Editor, Instagram Content Manager

I am Indian and have lived in the United states for 7 years now. I am a Desi Girl who loves the modern vibe, but still wants to carry cultural values of my home county and try to be the best of both the worlds. You’ll normally find me on social media, but if I’m taking a break, you will find me sitting outside somewhere, enjoying the scenic view and sipping a hot Chai (Indian tea).


Rashmi Pandey

Editor, Facebook Content Manager

With over 12 years of experience in Marketing and Finance, I am an accomplished marketing professional. But, I also have a passion for reading and creative writing. Along with writing articles for Desi Girl magazine, I utilize my eye for detail, which makes me a good editor too. Currently working from California, I am a writer, editor and a content marketer for Desi Girl Magazine.


Content Creators

Nirkkuna Nagaraj

Content Creator, Writer

Originally from Tamilnadu, India, I currently reside in the US. I hold a Masters in Structural Engineering and worked as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering college in India. My love for the written word is a gift from the many authors whose works chiseled me into my current being and contastantly encourage me to keep creating. I love working for Desi Girl Magazine since my thoughts have the freedom to come alive amidst its pages.


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